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Hoganbo HD-1 Starter Package

You work hard — and party hard. Long hours, irregular meals, smoking and frequent drinking sessions are part of your lifestyle. You know that in the long run, this will take a toll on your health. 

Power-packed with nutrients that contribute to optimal liver health, Hoganbo HD-1 offers an easy way to protect your liver from stressful lifestyle habits. 

A Healthy Liver for a Healthy Lifestyle


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Indicators of Poor Liver Health


Skin Pigmentations


Sleeping disorders


Memory decline


Mood Swing


Bad Breath


Hair Loss


High Uric Acid


Chronic Kidney Disease


Gallstone Disease

HD-1 (360 Tablets)

HD-1 Starter Package: RM3,240.00

Free Additional 20 tablets of Hoganbo HD-1 (worth RM225.00)

Evidence-based natural Liver supplement

Why It’s Important to Cleanse Your Liver?

Avoiding all dietary, environmental and emotional harm are almost impossible in today’s lifestyle. Because of limited nerves around the liver, our body typically does not present any visible symptoms until the liver is severely degraded. This is why the liver is known as the “silent organ“. When your body finally responds to your failing liver, the liver may already be critically damaged. Therefore regular liver cleansing is essential and should not be overlooked.

Approved by:

Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Korea
Drug Control Authority, Malaysia
National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency, Malaysia
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Reduces liver index (eg: ALT, AST) and accelerates the recovery of damaged liver cells, thus improving liver functions

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Alcohol Detox

Reduces the harmful effects of alcohol and minimizes hangover symptoms

Hovenia Dulcis Berry Stamp

Made from the prized Hovenia Dulcis Berry, Hoganbo HD-1 is one of Korea’s best-loved liver supplements, containing at least 80% pure Hovenia Duclis berry extract to protect and strengthen the liver.

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Protect cells from damage caused by free radicals due to UV rays, atmospeheric pollution, stress and poor nutrition

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Improve blood glucose uptake by increasing density of 𝛃-cells in pancreatic islets

The Sociable Workaholic

Loving your liver

If you love the way you live, you have to first love your liver. A healthy liver is the key to a vibrant life of health and happiness. 

Customers reviews

While Hoganbo HD-1 is a liver supplement, its health benefits go beyond just the liver – many of our customers share that they are experiencing improvements in many other different areas of health as well. Read what our happy customers have to say about Hoganbo 

My family members been taking this product since 2009. Along these years Hoganbo helped my family members maintain their daily health. Liver index has been maintain in very good range which other Liver products couldn't make it and even family doctor agreed them to continue as he saw their blood test result is controlled well.
Pharmacist Alysha-Hoganbo Review
Alysha Lee
After consuming Hoganbo HD-1 for 2 months ..I feel more energetic and not feeling tired easily also improved my skin conditions more rashes and my eczema is completely gone ..I’m a daily drinker for almost 10 years and I have reduced or not drinking in a daily basis because I’m not craving for alcohol that often anymore’s also helps with my hangover after a binge drinking day with my friends..thanks Hoganbo
Entrepreneur Sam-Hoganbo Review
Sam Kwang
Since I started consuming Hoganbo products 3 years ago, i am more energetic and less fatigue in daily life! My immune system is better overall. I do not have flu & fever as often anymore. Furthermore, pigmentation on my face has been improved significantly!
Mother Ching Ping-Hoganbo Review
Tu Ching Ping
HD-1 (360 Tablets)

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Live for good times, start by loving your liver! For every purchase of Hoganbo HD-1’s Starter Package, you will receive an additional 20 tablets of Hoganbo HD-1 (worth RM225). We will deliver to you in a custom made gift box for all special occasions.

Hoganbo, always a gift for a lifetime of health and happiness.