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Indicators of Poor Vascular Health

High blood pressure and hyperlipidemia are largely symptomless “silent killers.” Most people will not experience any symptoms. It is key to do regular health screening to measure your blood pressure and cholesterol LDL HDL levels. If you ignore your high cholesterol levels or blood pressure because you think a certain symptom or sign will alert you to the problem, you are taking a dangerous chance with your life. However, once blood pressure reaches about 180/120 mm Hg, it becomes a hypertensive crisis, which is a medical emergency. At this stage, symptoms will include the following:


Shortness of Breath


Headache / Migraine


Tingling / Numbness


heart palpitations


Muscle Cramp




Nausea / Dizziness


Cold Sweats


Blurred / Double Vision

PGB Benefits_Reduce HDL & BP

Reduce Cholesterol

Reduce Total Cholesterol, LDL, Triglyceride and increase HDL, while inhibit activity of HMG-CoA reductase enzyme involved in cholesterol synthesis

PGB Benefits_Reduce Blood Pressure & Improve Vascular Health

Improve Vascular Blood Flow

Reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressures in stage 1 hypertension patients while activate vasodilator nitric oxide

PGB Benefits_Reduce Blood Glucose Levels

Reduce Fasting Glucose

Reduce fasting & postprandial blood glucose levels in both healthy and diabetes patients

Policosanol - Ingredient of Hoganbo PGB-3


Ginkgo Leaves Extract - Ingredient of Hoganbo PGB-3

Ginkgo Leaves Extract

Banaba Leave Extract - Ingredient of Hoganbo PGB-3

Banaba Leaves Extract

PGB Benefits_Inhibit Platelet Aggregation

Inhibit Platelet Aggregation

Inhibit platelet aggregation in healthy and hypercholesterolemia patients, while inhibit thromboxane to increase blood flow

PGB Benefits__Improve Cognitive Functions

Improve Cognitive Functions

Improve brain function by protecting neuronal cells against cell death and oxidative stress

PGB Benefits__Increase Glucose Uptake

Promote Glucose Uptake

Increase translocation of glucose transporter 4 (GLUT4) cell surface to transport more glucose into muscle cells

Customers reviews

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I've been taking Hoganbo HD-1 since 2011. Hoganbo HD-1 is my daily supplement for liver protection and for hangover relief, as I frequently go out drinking with my friends. Since taking HD-1, I feel more energized to get through my day. Currently, I am taking Hoganbo PGB-3 as well to manage my cholesterol levels, it has also help balance my blood pressure levels. Taking both PGB-3 and HD-1 together made me feel even better overall. My friends have also commented that I look more refresh and healthier.
Hoganbo Testimonial-Frankie Peng
Frankie Peng
Due to my busy schedule, I am frequently tired and I hardly exercise. I started taking Hoganbo HD-1 in 2016. Since then, I am more energized to get through my day. With my confidence in HD-1, I've also started taking Hoganbo PGB-3. As a result, my total cholesterol levels and HDL levels have improved. These positive experiences have given me the assurance to maintain my health by taking Hoganbo products daily.
Hoganbo Testimonial-Jennifer Woo
Jennifer Woo
Senior Management
Due to the stressful lifestyle, I had swollen liver and poor appetite. I started taking HD-1 in 2016. My liver size reduced from 19cm to 17cm after 6 months. Moreover, my skin pigmentation improved. Nowadays, I feel more energetic and less tired. My blood pressure was borderline. I previously consumed ginkgo products of other brands but I didn't feel any difference. PGB-3 is really helpful in relieving my dizziness. Sometimes, I would consume 4 tablets instead of 2 tablets to get better result. Consuming both HD-1 and PGB-3 together really help improve my overall health condition.
Hoganbo Testimonial-Sally Ooi
Sally Ooi
Senior Executive
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