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Hovenia Dulcis: The Secret to Health, Beauty and Wellness

Growing abundantly atop South Korea’s mountainous landscapes at an altitude of 50-800m, Hovenia Dulcis is a hardy raisin tree found well-known for its natural liver protection and liver enhancing benefits. Hovenia Dulcis contains detoxification elements; notably the berries of the tree (which are called “Hovenia” or “Hoganbo”) are known to be the most beneficial.

When mature, the Hovenia Dulcis tree grows to a width of 80cm and a height of 10-15m. Every part of the tree has medicinal properties – extracts from the tree bark contain detoxification effects while its leaf helps to reduce lipids in the blood and prevent liver damage; but it was discovered that its fruits offer the most effective health benefits. Sweet-tasting with seeds similar to dates, the berries have a coral-like appearance which earned the berries memorable names like ‘Whitehead wood” and “Black Coral”.

Traditionally used as an effective herb for centuries to promote better liver function, Hovenia Dulcis has also been listed and documented in major ancient medical literature, such as the Compendium of Materia Medica and Materia Medica of Tang.

According to clinical trials, Hovenia Dulcis (var. Koreana Nakai) from Korea are twice as effective compared to those sourced from other countries.

How the health benefits of this powerful plant were discovered, as documented in ancient medical literature.

Stories of Hovenia Dulcis Berry Documented in the Tang Herbal Medica:

Long ago, there lived a house builder in the south. When he was using the wood from the Hovenia Dulcis as a construction material, he accidentally dropped a block of wood into a barrel of alcohol.

After a few days, it was discovered that all the alcohol in the barrel became water. As the legend says, if one’s garden has a Hovenia Dulcis tree, all the alcohol in the house will be tasteless and have low alcohol level.

Stories Documented by the Chinese poet and Pharmacologist, Su Shi:

Using water that has been boiled with the fruit or wood from the Hovenia Dulcis, if a few drops are dripped into a cup of alcohol, the alcohol will very clearly become light and tasteless. If one drinks the boiled-herb water before consuming alcohol, one’s tolerance for alcohol will be increased 3-4 times the usual limit.

Drinking the boiled water consisting of Hovenia Dulcis can cure the symptoms after alcohol consumption, such as dry mouth or headaches, quickly sobering up the drunken individual. Alcohol can lead to jaundice, cirrhosis, fatty liver, and other liver-associated diseases. By drinking the Hovenia Dulcis-boiled water, beneficial reversal in the effects of alcohol consumption can be seen evidently.

The Process: From a Berry to a Nutritional Gem

Using high molecular technology, the purest form of Hovenia Dulcis Berry is extracted to create a highly concentrated supplement known as Hoganbo HD-1.

This technology which consists of separating the low and high molecular weight polymers was employed by Korean scientist, Dr. Luo Tianxiu’s in his 10-year research on the health benefits of the Hovenia Dulcis Berry. Through his research, he discovered HD-1, a high molecular weight molecule from Hovenia Dulcis Berry extract with excellent function for protecting the liver. Hoganbo HD-1 was thus named after this molecule.

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